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Ballin on a Budget: Beauty

In the last year, I have really been working on my finances.

From increasing my credit score, building a savings accounts and limiting my frivolous spending.

For Lent in 2016, I did a budget challenge through a fellow blogger and financial educator, Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, and only spent money on bills and necessities.

This helped me realize how much I waste money at vending machines, in the check out line at the store, and even out “gettin lit” and “turning up” at bars.

This challenge did have an effect on my beauty life.

There was no mani, pedi or grooming of the facial hair. ( eyebrows people!)

…… and an occasional upper lip.

Anyways, today I decided to do away with gel manicures. As someone who works in the food industry, the trendy manicure is a great way to have beautiful nails and not have to worry about constant chipping.

They really do last. Unless…. you work in restaurants. Where your hands are constantly bumping, smacking and rubbing up against the edges and corners of furniture. My hands are also in and out of sanitize solution and getting washed numerous times a day.

Needless to say, my hands go through it!

After a week, I have cracks and then a day or so after that.. the chipping begins.

Always in the same places … smh.

So I decided to get the gel polish taken off and regular nail lacquer put in it’s place.

Instead of picking out a color at the salon, I decided to buy my own polish.

This way, if my nails chip or the color is looking less than vibrant.. ..I can just touch it up at home. I don’t have to go back to the salon and search the endless polishes to decided if that was the right color. Nor do I have to pay someone else to do it for me.

Generally, a gel manicure costs $30-50. I don’t have the polish or a UV ray light thingy to do touch ups at home. Therefore, I am forced to go back to the salon or pay more money for gel polishes and buy the equipment to make sure that the polish works.

A major con for me with gel manicures is that my nails become very weak and brittle. Once the gel is taken off, it is only a matter of minutes before my actual nail is cracked, split or broken.

This is suppose to be healthy for my nails? The nail technician even said that it would make my nails stronger.

Sadly, it does not. It helps them grow but my nails lack strength and luster. They also have dents in the nails that take forever to grow out!

Today, I paid $4 for my nail polish and $17 for the technician to remove the gel polish and replace it with regular polish. I now can do my own touch ups at home and save the extra money!

A regular manicure costs $10-15. Which isn’t so bad if I can keep up the shape and color for about a month or so. If not, a quick polish change at the salon is $5-7.

I trust their technique when it comes to applying the polish anyway.

When I do it… it looks like my 3 year old nephew did it.

I use to care a lot about what kind of polish was used. Honestly, I still kind of do. On my Facebook feed, a lot of statuses from females will put other females down if their nails aren’t up to the standard of gel polish and designs.

Why do we do that to each other?

My reasons for keeping up with gel polish were superficial and shallow and not worth going broke for. Pride.

Will these females help me save for my next vacation? or for my house?

The Lord has blessed my financial knowledge and is revealing to me some great ways to feel beautiful without breaking the bank.

Thank you, Jesus!

Here’s to great nails!




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